Here are some frequently asked questions
about Enhanced Steam

  • This is awesome! Is it really free?

    Yes! If you really feel like you need to pay for it, consider donating to help keep this project alive.
  • Can this steal my Steam account info? Is it safe?

    Enhanced Steam will never ask for, capture, transmit, store, or otherwise interact with your Steam account credentials in any way.
  • What about features that ask me to "Sign in with Steam"?

    Some features of Enhanced Steam will ask that you "Sign in with Steam" to simply verify that your account belongs to you. Enhanced Steam uses Steam's OpenID system, which you can read about here. Enhanced Steam only obtains your 64-bit Steam ID, which it validates against your initial request. This prevents others from changing your profile background, or wrongly crediting a user when you contribute to our database.
  • Can you add feature X? Why doesn't this do Y?

    New features are being added to Enhanced Steam all the time, so check back often! Some features are in an "experimental" phase, and are being written and re-written to provide the best set of features possible. Some requested features may never be possible because of how information is displayed on the Steam website. Feel free to make a suggestion on our official channels (which you are linked at the bottom of the page).
  • A certain feature isn't working, what can I do?

    First, make sure that you disable any other addons or extensions that may be loaded in your browser that could be interfering with Enhanced Steam. Next, try clearing Enhanced Steam's cache using the Enhanced Steam menu at the top of each Steam page. If that doesn't work, follow these steps (for Chrome) to create a new browsing profile. Other browsers have similar functions, please refer to your browser's documentation. If something still isn't working correctly, let us know on one of our official channels, linked below.
  • How do I change the settings?

    Many of the features in Enhanced Steam can be controlled by the user with the built-in options page. To access the options, go to your browser's extension page, find Enhanced Steam, and click the options button. You can also access it from the Enhanced Steam dropdown menu at the top of every Steam page. From here you can set color preferences, enable features, read the changelog, and more!
  • Can I help translate Enhanced Steam into my language?

    Enhanced Steam is available in 26 popular languages, and currently supports every language that is also supported by Steam. At this time, we are not accepting translations for languages not supported by Steam themselves. You can view our translation progress or help contribute by visiting our translation site.
  • Do you mind if I post about this on Facebook / Twitter / (Future social site) / etc?

    Please do! The more people who benefit from using Enhanced Steam, the better!