Enhanced Steam 9.2 Released

Enhanced Steam has been updated to version 9.2. This release includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Added Steam review rating scores to users wishlists
  • Added OpenCritic.com reviews to store pages
  • Added a button to toggle live market updates for popular items on or off
  • Added a confirmation dialog when emptying your shopping cart
  • Add to Cart buttons will now display on larger wishlists
  • Added a “View badge progress” button to booster packs in inventory and on trading cards in market
  • Added an option for viewing user’s wishlist data on their profile
  • Fixed a bug that caused other users inventory to not load price information under some circumstances
  • Updated age gate bypass to work with additional new age gate types
  • Fixed Steam store main menu dropdowns not being hidden on mouse out
  • Fixed issues on homepage when hiding the sidebar at some zoom levels and lower resolutions
  • Improved performance on store pages for users with large purchase histories
  • Fixed a bug where emoticons weren’t correctly highlighted as owned on market pages
  • Fixed a bug in custom holiday profile themes that effected legitimate users of that theme
  • Fixed a bug where filtering a wishlist to items with coupons wouldn’t work correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused DLC selection on store pages not to work correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused Early Access and coupon headers to not display correctly on the store

This update would not have been possible without the help of Gojira! Thanks again for all the help!

This update is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Chrome users should see the extension update itself automatically within the next 60 minutes. Firefox users will update on their browser’s regular update schedule, or by selecting “Check for updates” on their addons screen.

Firefox users can enjoy full functionality now with the exception of “quick sell” and “instant sell” buttons in your inventory, which is an issue I’m still investigating.

As always, please let me know if you encounter any issues with this release.

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