Enhanced Steam 9.1 Released (Update: 9.1.1)

Enhanced Steam’s newest version 9.1 is available now for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge!  This version includes the following:

  • Added DRM detection for games utilizing Denuvo Antitamper DRM
  • Added home page customization with the ability to hide particular sections
  • Added an option as to whether you would like your wallet balance show in the header of community pages
  • Updated the quick sell and instant sell buttons to use the new inventory data layout Valve created
  • Updated external site icons with higher resolution versions
  • Fixed a bug that caused some “season packs” to incorrectly show a split calculation
  • Fixed a bug where metacritic user scores weren’t displaying correctly with the new layout

Additionally, maintenance release 9.1.1 is available with the following fixes:

  • Updated the advanced inventory controls to work with the new layout, they are now enabled by default
  • Fixed a bug where site icons would display incorrectly on profiles if the display style was set to none
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause quick sell functions to sell items for the wrong amount
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some game’s workshop item list not to load correctly

This has been an… interesting update.  Valve refactored their economy (inventory) scripts, and updated the site layout so the majority of Enhanced Steam’s functionality related to inventory broke.  While I’m happy to fix things like this and try to do it as quickly as possible, this sometimes results in issues like the ones that were fixed by version 9.1.1’s release a few days later.  Additionally, many other sites and other popular Steam inventory-related extensions broke as the result of these changes – which left a lot of Enhanced Steam’s users confused as to which features belong to which extension.  I got a lot of support emails from people wanting me to “fix” functionality that wasn’t part of Enhanced Steam, and some of those people were not very nice about it.

If you emailed me about one of these features and didn’t get a response, that’s why.

Finally, there are still a few outlying issues with Firefox and Edge.  First of all, Firefox (or Valve?) are blocking AJAX requests sent from Enhanced Steam for listing items for sale.  This affects the “Quick Sell”, “Instant Sell”, and “Relist” functions of Enhanced Steam, so unfortunately those were manually disabled in the latest release.  I am continuing to research why this is and whether or not a fix can be put in place for the next release.  Microsoft Edge support is coming along nicely, but there are still some issues with CSS not cascading correctly that results in some icons not being displayed correctly.  I’m also looking into this issue and will hopefully have a fix in place before Edge support becomes official when it’s able to be listed on the Microsoft Store.

In the meantime, I’m busy spinning up new servers for the Winter Sale that should be starting in about 10 days!  Happy holidays!

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