Enhanced Steam 9.0 Released

Today marks the release of Enhanced Steam version 9.0! This version includes the following changes:

  • Added an option to hide the “Empty Wishlist” button on users wishlist pages
  • Added additional search filtering options to hide games based on mixed or negative review scores
  • Added a search filter to exclude items over a certain price
  • Added a search filter to exclude user-selectable tags from search results
  • Added a feature that dims unlocked achievement icons on progress pages
  • Adds an “Add Nickname” button to profiles of users you’re not currently friends with
  • Added SteamTrades icon to user’s Steam profile pages
  • Added sort and view options to other user’s badge pages
  • Added market links and pricing information to inventory items with market restrictions
  • Fixed a bug where some homepage elements weren’t highlighted correctly
  • Fixed a bug on workshop items where the media slider could distort images in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the link filter wouldn’t be disabled properly in modal boxes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user profile Twitch integration to fail in some circumstances

Once again, I’m really happy with the way the workflows for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are coming together and that the three browsers can be easily supported going forward. This update only took about 30 minutes to compile from the initial build of Chrome.  Edge support is taking a little longer than I had originally anticipated simply because I don’t always have immediate access to a machine running Windows 10.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support – see you at the Fall Sale!

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