Enhanced Steam 8.8 Released

Today marks the release of Enhanced Steam version 8.8!  This version includes the following changes:

  • Added a version update dialog box to display a change log to the user when the extension is updated
  • The feature to automatically send age verification now works with new tag-based verification pages
  • Hovering over the red exclamation mark when a data request fails will show details of that request
  • The Enhanced Steam options can now be accessed directly from the Firefox about:addons page
  • Added an option to enable or disable displaying the game’s purchase date on store pages
  • Added SteamRepCN links to user profiles when browsing in Chinese
  • Added Chinese name to game store page when browsing in Chinese
  • Added an option to see Keylol links and user ratings when browsing in Chinese
  • Added SteamCN language mods to the “Languages” section of store pages when browsing in Chinese
  • Fixed a bug that caused Firefox features not to load after clearing Enhanced Steam’s cache
  • Fixed a bug that caused Enhanced Steam in Firefox not to function on steamcommunity.com pages
  • Fixed a rendering issue in Firefox where the options screen would show a white background
  • Fixed a bug where regional price comparison icons would not display in Firefox
  • Fixed a bug where Firefox would throw a “Not well formed” error when loading localization files
  • Fixed a bug that caused card drop count calculations to be incorrect under certain circumstances

Note for Firefox users – you must manually update by redownloading the extension at http://www.enhancedsteam.com/download/ This version includes auto-update functionality for future releases. Additionally, some features of Enhanced Steam are not yet working with versions of Firefox less than version 50. For example, custom profile backgrounds and Early Access banners aren’t working from steamcommunity.com pages. Most of these features are re-enabled by using Firefox 50 or above, or will be re-enabled at a future date.

This is an exciting release for Firefox users, and should be more exciting in the coming months as Mozilla continues to increase their compatibility with native Chrome extensions.

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