Enhanced Steam Coming Back to Firefox

Mozilla has been hard at work fixing issues with their new WebExtensions API, and fortunately for Enhanced Steam users that means you’ll be getting regular updates again once all the bugs are ironed out.  Since support for Enhanced Steam on Firefox ended early last year, a lot has changed.  Mozilla decided to shift away from their traditional extension architecture in favor of supporting Chrome-like functionality.  Because of this, I can package new versions of Enhanced Steam that are compatible with Firefox with very minimal effort.  The WebExtensions API is still being worked on, and Mozilla is planning on a “stable” release with Firefox 48 later this year.

In the mean time as a proof of concept and to test compatibility, I’ve compiled a Firefox version of Enhanced Steam 8.4 that’s compatible with Firefox 48 which is currently in the “nightly” branch.  Simply head over to firefox.enhancedsteam.com and click on the “Try the beta!” button.  The beta is currently unsigned so you’ll need to disable extension signing in your testing browser for it to work properly.

For the most part, a lot of stuff is already working really well (especially on the store side of Steam).  Here is a list of known bugs:

  • There are some CSS rendering issues while loading the extension in Firefox, specifically with the Enhanced Steam loading bar.
  • The extension’s options can only be accessed by selecting the “Options” button in the “Enhanced Steam” dropdown menu at the top of Steam pages, they cannot currently be access in about:addons.
  • Cross-origin requests on some pages are currently not functioning. I’ve created a bug report for Mozilla regarding this behavior. In the meantime, this means data loaded from api.enhancedsteam.com will not function from pages in the steamcommunity.com domain – so features such as custom profile backgrounds, early access banners, supporter badges, etc will not work on community pages until this bug is resolved.
  • $.getJSON calls are returning a “not well-formed” error in the javascript console, but appears to load correctly. This may cause some issues with localizations / translations.

Some of these bugs will have to be fixed by Mozilla before Enhanced Steam can be fully supported, but a lot of this we’ll start incorporating into the Chrome dev build which should eventually give us full support without needing to re-write particular functions specifically for Firefox.

The end goal is that once the WebExtensions API fully supports everything Enhanced Steam needs to work properly, new builds will be available shortly after the Chrome version is updated (to account for Mozilla extension signing, etc).  Developers will be able to submit pull requests to the main Enhanced Steam repository on Github after having developed their new code in the browser of their choice.  All of this will require very little effort on my part, meaning development will no longer be fractured between multiple different user bases.

Finally, a huge “thank you” to all of Enhanced Steam’s Firefox fans who continue to be passionate about Enhanced Steam!  That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more news about Microsoft Edge which hopefully will be coming soon.

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  1. Alenonimo says:

    The new WebExtensions-API-based Firefox extension works somewhat well, despite these little issues.

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