Enhanced Steam for Mozilla Firefox 6.0.1 Released (New Update Method)

Enhanced Steam for Mozilla Firefox has been updated to version 6.0.1. Since the last published version (v5.9.1) this update includes:

  • Added profile links to private profiles
  • Gift transactions are now listed separately in account totals
  • Added warning if browsing in a language other than your preferred language (set in options)
  • Added ability to add a custom amount to your Steam wallet
  • Fixed a bug that caused inventory pages to not always show price history
  • Fixed a bug that caused highlighting not to work correctly if DOM storage was disabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused emptying your shopping cart to break purchase process
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to not be able to have more than one item in your cart at once
  • Fixed a bug on badge pages that showed incorrect market links
  • Fixed a bug that caused the market page to format incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug in some languages where badge filtering didn’t work properly


This version of Enhanced Steam will NOT update automatically from Mozilla. In order to install this update, you must follow these instructions:


This new version of Enhanced Steam will now keep itself up to date automatically from this point forward.

Why the change?
Mozilla has always been slow to approve new updates for Enhanced Steam. By installing the extension directly from the Enhanced Steam website, we can release updates more quickly in the future. There are also a number of Enhanced Steam features that Mozilla has made me remove from Enhanced Steam in order to comply with their publishing guidelines (not for technical reasons). By publishing the extension directly, we are no longer subject to this editorial process. This means that more of the features that have been only available in the Chrome version of the plugin can be ported to the Firefox extension in upcoming versions.

What if I don’t trust you and want to keep the version I downloaded from Mozilla?
That’s perfectly fine. But keep in mind, it will no longer be updated with new features and bug fixes. The latest version Mozilla has (v5.9.1) is also incompatible with Firefox version 29 and higher. If you would like to keep your existing extension and it’s current functionality, I recommend not upgrading past Firefox 28.

Is the source code for this extension available to view online?
Yes. You can find a copy of the source code here. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

I have another question that isn’t covered here
I’m always available to help at [email protected]

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  1. J says:

    The description for the extension is misleading with the static message of “this version is out-of-date”, even when removing and reinstalling via your homepage. You might want to consider leaving such a message on the non-updated Mozilla build but pushing something less confusing in the builds you’re releasing direct.

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