Enhanced Steam for Google Chrome version 6.0 Released

Enhanced Steam for Google Chrome has been updated to version 6.0. This update includes a number of changes:

  • Added warning dialog when browsing Steam in a language other than your preferred language
  • Added price history information to the wishlist page when hovering over a game
  • Added option to display store page videos using HTML5 player instead of Flash
  • Added library filtering options by genre and by category
  • Added coupon discount percentage to display on coupon tags
  • Added your personal achievement stats back to app pages in the “My Activity” box
  • Fixed a bug that caused Early Access overlays to incorrectly show on games with coupons
  • Fixed header links inserted by Enhanced Steam not displaying due to a change made by Valve
  • Fixed a bug in some languages where badge filtering didn’t work properly
  • Fixed a bug in entering custom amounts into Steam wallet page
  • Enhanced Steam will now display the highest % off coupon you have available on app pages

If you already have Enhanced Steam installed, the extension will update automatically within the next 60 minutes.

As always, if you have any problems with the new version, please let me know.

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3 Responses to Enhanced Steam for Google Chrome version 6.0 Released

  1. Enverex says:

    Twice now Enhanced Steam has shown that “The Stick of Truth” is X amount because it states a code can be used with it to get the reduced price, but on both occasions this happened, it wasn’t true and therefore the price was completely off.

    Any chance of this being tweaked so it’s accurate? I got really excited only to have my hopes and dreams dashed (because I’m a tightass).

    • jshackles says:

      The coupon data that Enhanced Steam gets comes from IsThereAnyDeal.com. Sometimes there are “site wide” coupons that have particular games that they don’t work with, such as South Park.

      Unfortunately the only compromise I can offer is to disable the coupon codes from showing up at all (in the Enhanced Steam options). Otherwise, you’ll need to contact the admin at IsThereAnyDeal to see if they can sort the issue out on their end.

  2. Adam says:

    Thank you for having the option to remove the wishlist price history hover.

    It’s really a slow call and makes removing items from the wishlist a royal pain.

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