Enhanced Steam Summer Sale Video Contest and Giveaway

    To gear up for the Summer Sale - Enhanced Steam will be holding a Youtube video contest with a chance to win a game on your Steam wishlist.

    The contest will be simple: make a Youtube video about your favorite feature (or features) of Enhanced Steam and send me a copy of the video link.  I can be reached by email ([email protected]), on Steam (jshackles), messaged on Reddit (/u/jshackles), or through twitter (@enhancedsteam).

    One video will be chosen at the end of the contest as the winner.  The winner will receive a game of their choice from their Steam Wishlist (up to $29.99).  The contest will end on the last day of the summer sale to give the winner the best possible prize.

    Good luck!

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    2 Responses to Enhanced Steam Summer Sale Video Contest and Giveaway

    1. vitor says:

      Does it have to be in English or any language? I’m from brazil :-)

      • jshackles says:

        Your video can be in any language. :) Just send me a link to it once it online if you’d like to be considered for the contest! Thanks!

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