Support Ending for Firefox Browsers

I’ve been researching the upcoming situation regarding Firefox and changes it will be making to extensions and their development / deployment practices in the near future.

I’ve come to the decision that Enhanced Steam will no longer be developed for Mozilla Firefox. There is simply far too much time and effort that goes into developing a Firefox compatible version of Enhanced Steam, and the new policies Mozilla is putting in place will increase this workload further.

The existing version (7.3) will be the final Firefox release. It will remain available for download, although it may not be able to be installed on versions of Firefox higher than 38. This includes Firefox 39 which enters the Aurora channel early next week.

My intention is to take the extra development time that I would normally give to Firefox and instead spend that time further developing the Enhanced Steam Standalone application. I’m hoping that by the time Firefox 40 reaches release status later this year (currently scheduled for Aug 11, 2015) the Standalone application will be a viable and feature-rich alternative for those who do not wish to change browsers to continue using Enhanced Steam.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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