Enhanced Steam 9.1 Released (Update: 9.1.1)

Enhanced Steam’s newest version 9.1 is available now for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge!  This version includes the following:

  • Added DRM detection for games utilizing Denuvo Antitamper DRM
  • Added home page customization with the ability to hide particular sections
  • Added an option as to whether you would like your wallet balance show in the header of community pages
  • Updated the quick sell and instant sell buttons to use the new inventory data layout Valve created
  • Updated external site icons with higher resolution versions
  • Fixed a bug that caused some “season packs” to incorrectly show a split calculation
  • Fixed a bug where metacritic user scores weren’t displaying correctly with the new layout

Additionally, maintenance release 9.1.1 is available with the following fixes:

  • Updated the advanced inventory controls to work with the new layout, they are now enabled by default
  • Fixed a bug where site icons would display incorrectly on profiles if the display style was set to none
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause quick sell functions to sell items for the wrong amount
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some game’s workshop item list not to load correctly

This has been an… interesting update.  Valve refactored their economy (inventory) scripts, and updated the site layout so the majority of Enhanced Steam’s functionality related to inventory broke.  While I’m happy to fix things like this and try to do it as quickly as possible, this sometimes results in issues like the ones that were fixed by version 9.1.1’s release a few days later.  Additionally, many other sites and other popular Steam inventory-related extensions broke as the result of these changes – which left a lot of Enhanced Steam’s users confused as to which features belong to which extension.  I got a lot of support emails from people wanting me to “fix” functionality that wasn’t part of Enhanced Steam, and some of those people were not very nice about it.

If you emailed me about one of these features and didn’t get a response, that’s why.

Finally, there are still a few outlying issues with Firefox and Edge.  First of all, Firefox (or Valve?) are blocking AJAX requests sent from Enhanced Steam for listing items for sale.  This affects the “Quick Sell”, “Instant Sell”, and “Relist” functions of Enhanced Steam, so unfortunately those were manually disabled in the latest release.  I am continuing to research why this is and whether or not a fix can be put in place for the next release.  Microsoft Edge support is coming along nicely, but there are still some issues with CSS not cascading correctly that results in some icons not being displayed correctly.  I’m also looking into this issue and will hopefully have a fix in place before Edge support becomes official when it’s able to be listed on the Microsoft Store.

In the meantime, I’m busy spinning up new servers for the Winter Sale that should be starting in about 10 days!  Happy holidays!

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Enhanced Steam 9.0 Released

Today marks the release of Enhanced Steam version 9.0! This version includes the following changes:

  • Added an option to hide the “Empty Wishlist” button on users wishlist pages
  • Added additional search filtering options to hide games based on mixed or negative review scores
  • Added a search filter to exclude items over a certain price
  • Added a search filter to exclude user-selectable tags from search results
  • Added a feature that dims unlocked achievement icons on progress pages
  • Adds an “Add Nickname” button to profiles of users you’re not currently friends with
  • Added SteamTrades icon to user’s Steam profile pages
  • Added sort and view options to other user’s badge pages
  • Added market links and pricing information to inventory items with market restrictions
  • Fixed a bug where some homepage elements weren’t highlighted correctly
  • Fixed a bug on workshop items where the media slider could distort images in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the link filter wouldn’t be disabled properly in modal boxes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user profile Twitch integration to fail in some circumstances

Once again, I’m really happy with the way the workflows for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are coming together and that the three browsers can be easily supported going forward. This update only took about 30 minutes to compile from the initial build of Chrome.  Edge support is taking a little longer than I had originally anticipated simply because I don’t always have immediate access to a machine running Windows 10.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support – see you at the Fall Sale!

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Enhanced Steam 8.9 Released

Today marks the release of Enhanced Steam version 8.9!  This version includes the following changes:

  • Added sorting options to the “my sell listing” section of the market home page
  • Updated visual layout of badge page sorting, filtering, and viewing options
  • Fixed a bug where agegate pages would throw an error rather than correctly entering a date
  • Fixed an issue with surprise logos not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug with recommendations highlights on storefront
  • Fixed a bug where invalid dynamic store data would be cached incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that caused items with quotes in their names to not show correct buttons in inventory
  • Fixed a bug that displayed an incorrect wishlist total if some items were not yet available
  • Fixed a bug where some home page elements weren’t highlighted correctly

Note for Firefox users – some features of Enhanced Steam are not yet working with versions of Firefox less than version 50. For example, custom profile backgrounds and Early Access banners aren’t working from steamcommunity.com pages. Most of these features are re-enabled by using Firefox 50 or above, or will be re-enabled at a future date.

I’m really happy with the way the workflows for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are coming together and that the three browsers can be easily supported going forward. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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Join Enhanced Steam for Extra Life 2016

Hi everyone, I’ll keep this post brief but I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be doing another 24-hour Extra Life gaming marathon on November 5th, 2016.

You can read all about it here.

I’ll be gaming for 24 hours straight, and live-streaming my marathon on Twitch. I’m hoping to raise $1,000 for my local children’s hospital and I need your help. Click on the link above to see all the details.

For donations of any amount, you get a cool Extra Life 2016 “Enhanced Steam Supporter” badge for your Steam profile.

Additionally, we’ve teamed up with IsThereAnyDeal.com and GamesPlanet.com to give away tons of games during the live-stream. There are some great games up for grabs such as Doom, Dark Souls III, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Football Manager 2017 and more! Just put your Steam profile link in the note with your donation to be eligible.

Let’s show people that gamers like us can be a force to be reckoned with. Thank you in advance for whatever you can give, and be sure to tune in on November 5th for the live-stream. See you there!

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Microsoft Edge Support

A preliminary version of Enhanced Steam is now available for Microsoft Edge.  You can install it by following the instructions found here:


This version was built using Microsoft’s new Edge Extension Toolkit application, and a few manual changes I made through testing.  There are a few issues that users may encounter in this release so I’m not yet linking it to the website’s download page until those issues are resolved.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get these issues resolved soon.

I’m also contacting Microsoft to see about having the extension listed in the Microsoft Store, hopefully they have an automated system in place soon for developers to publish extensions there.  Keep an eye on this blog and I’ll update everyone as soon as I know anything on this front.

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Enhanced Steam 8.8 Released

Today marks the release of Enhanced Steam version 8.8!  This version includes the following changes:

  • Added a version update dialog box to display a change log to the user when the extension is updated
  • The feature to automatically send age verification now works with new tag-based verification pages
  • Hovering over the red exclamation mark when a data request fails will show details of that request
  • The Enhanced Steam options can now be accessed directly from the Firefox about:addons page
  • Added an option to enable or disable displaying the game’s purchase date on store pages
  • Added SteamRepCN links to user profiles when browsing in Chinese
  • Added Chinese name to game store page when browsing in Chinese
  • Added an option to see Keylol links and user ratings when browsing in Chinese
  • Added SteamCN language mods to the “Languages” section of store pages when browsing in Chinese
  • Fixed a bug that caused Firefox features not to load after clearing Enhanced Steam’s cache
  • Fixed a bug that caused Enhanced Steam in Firefox not to function on steamcommunity.com pages
  • Fixed a rendering issue in Firefox where the options screen would show a white background
  • Fixed a bug where regional price comparison icons would not display in Firefox
  • Fixed a bug where Firefox would throw a “Not well formed” error when loading localization files
  • Fixed a bug that caused card drop count calculations to be incorrect under certain circumstances

Note for Firefox users – you must manually update by redownloading the extension at http://www.enhancedsteam.com/download/ This version includes auto-update functionality for future releases. Additionally, some features of Enhanced Steam are not yet working with versions of Firefox less than version 50. For example, custom profile backgrounds and Early Access banners aren’t working from steamcommunity.com pages. Most of these features are re-enabled by using Firefox 50 or above, or will be re-enabled at a future date.

This is an exciting release for Firefox users, and should be more exciting in the coming months as Mozilla continues to increase their compatibility with native Chrome extensions.

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New Website is Live!

Enhanced Steam’s new website is now live!  The site features a more colorful and bright design, as well as some much-needed improvements for mobile device browsing.  If you run into any issues (regardless of what device you’re using), please let me know using one of the official channels that are listed at the bottom of every page.

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Enhanced Steam Coming Back to Firefox

Mozilla has been hard at work fixing issues with their new WebExtensions API, and fortunately for Enhanced Steam users that means you’ll be getting regular updates again once all the bugs are ironed out.  Since support for Enhanced Steam on Firefox ended early last year, a lot has changed.  Mozilla decided to shift away from their traditional extension architecture in favor of supporting Chrome-like functionality.  Because of this, I can package new versions of Enhanced Steam that are compatible with Firefox with very minimal effort.  The WebExtensions API is still being worked on, and Mozilla is planning on a “stable” release with Firefox 48 later this year.

In the mean time as a proof of concept and to test compatibility, I’ve compiled a Firefox version of Enhanced Steam 8.4 that’s compatible with Firefox 48 which is currently in the “nightly” branch.  Simply head over to firefox.enhancedsteam.com and click on the “Try the beta!” button.  The beta is currently unsigned so you’ll need to disable extension signing in your testing browser for it to work properly.

For the most part, a lot of stuff is already working really well (especially on the store side of Steam).  Here is a list of known bugs:

  • There are some CSS rendering issues while loading the extension in Firefox, specifically with the Enhanced Steam loading bar.
  • The extension’s options can only be accessed by selecting the “Options” button in the “Enhanced Steam” dropdown menu at the top of Steam pages, they cannot currently be access in about:addons.
  • Cross-origin requests on some pages are currently not functioning. I’ve created a bug report for Mozilla regarding this behavior. In the meantime, this means data loaded from api.enhancedsteam.com will not function from pages in the steamcommunity.com domain – so features such as custom profile backgrounds, early access banners, supporter badges, etc will not work on community pages until this bug is resolved.
  • $.getJSON calls are returning a “not well-formed” error in the javascript console, but appears to load correctly. This may cause some issues with localizations / translations.

Some of these bugs will have to be fixed by Mozilla before Enhanced Steam can be fully supported, but a lot of this we’ll start incorporating into the Chrome dev build which should eventually give us full support without needing to re-write particular functions specifically for Firefox.

The end goal is that once the WebExtensions API fully supports everything Enhanced Steam needs to work properly, new builds will be available shortly after the Chrome version is updated (to account for Mozilla extension signing, etc).  Developers will be able to submit pull requests to the main Enhanced Steam repository on Github after having developed their new code in the browser of their choice.  All of this will require very little effort on my part, meaning development will no longer be fractured between multiple different user bases.

Finally, a huge “thank you” to all of Enhanced Steam’s Firefox fans who continue to be passionate about Enhanced Steam!  That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more news about Microsoft Edge which hopefully will be coming soon.

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Join Enhanced Steam for Extra Life 2015 and Win Awesome New Games

I’m playing 24 hours of video games on November 7th to help raise money for my local children’s hospital.  I’m also giving away over $1,000 worth of Steam games courtesy of IsThereAnyDeal.com to people who donate.


By entering your Steam URL in the donation message box, this enters you in to a raffle (one entry for every $5 donated) to win some awesome Steam games courtesy of IsThereAnyDeal.com.  Entering your Steam URL in the donation message box (regardless of amount given) will get you a cool new “Enhanced Steam Supporter” badge for Extra Life 2015!  Here is a list of games you could win!


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Enhanced Steam Standalone Project Discontinued

As many of you have noticed, the Enhanced Steam Standalone is no longer available for download either on this site or on Github.  The reasons for this are somewhat complex, but I’ll try my best to explain why I decided to discontinue the project.

The Standalone project came about initially because a lot of people were emailing me and asking if Enhanced Steam was available in the Steam client, or telling me that they would never bother with Enhanced Steam because they did all of their Steam browsing in the game client.  The browser that the client used back then was terribly slow and buggy (it’s since been updated quite a bit) but I was able to work some magic along with the help of 7heo who originally came up with the idea of using a reverse proxy with static name resolution.  Thus the Standalone app was born, and it worked in any browser including the Steam client, and things were looking up.

Due to the open source nature of the program, I introduced the Standalone application to various Steam groups on Reddit, Neogaf, and Steam hoping to solicit people to help bug hunting and troubleshooting and made sure to add warnings that the program was in a very early alpha stage.  The installation was fairly complex and (at the time) involved editing the system’s hosts file while simultaneously running the application.  If the application wasn’t running, the end user wouldn’t be able to access Steam.  This was explained very clearly in the setup instructions.  While certainly not an ideal solution, the entire project was meant to be a “proof of concept”.

So what went wrong?  The project’s popularity exploded.  It was featured in the gaming press and suddenly people were emailing me constantly for support to help them with installation and because they didn’t understand that the software was alpha (although it was clearly labeled).  People started experiencing bugs and issues, and started getting upset because they expected the application to work flawlessly.  Meanwhile, something else went wrong with the application in that the static name resolution was causing lookup errors, because Valve was constantly updating the external IP addresses of the Steam servers, and the Standalone application didn’t have a mechanism in place to automatically update itself.

For these reasons, the architecture of the project was completely re-written to accommodate for these shortcomings.  The beta application shifted from a reverse proxy with static name resolution which required a host file edit; to a C# Windows application that ran a small reverse proxy and set the system global proxy settings whenever it was running.  The beta app didn’t need static name resolution, so it wouldn’t break when Valve updated Steam’s IP addresses.  The beta application also had a built-in update mechanism.  Under normal operations, the application would reset the system proxy settings when it was closed, meaning the application should be well-contained and would only affect a user’s system while it was running.  Things were looking up again.

So, what went wrong this time?  While certainly more stable than the alpha application, it was also much easier to install and configure (essentially just copying a folder to your computer and launching an exe file) making it more accessible, which meant that more and more people started using it.  There was also a scenario where a user might kill the Enhanced Steam task or reboot their computer without shutting down the program, meaning they had to either edit their system proxy settings or launch the app again when their computer restarted before they were able to access the internet at all.  Although these kinds of issues are quite common with proxy applications, the fact that the program made these changes for the user (for their own convenience) meant that most users didn’t know they were supposed to make this change during this scenario.  Additionally, the small reverse proxy application I had included in the Standalone program changed the terms of their licensing agreement and I was no longer allowed to distribute code created with their server application.  The Enhanced Steam part of the codebase was different from Chrome (and Firefox) development, meaning it also took a significant amount of time to port over new features.  Support for this program became a nightmare.

At the end of the day, the project has been discontinued due to a combination of a lack of interest and complexity of support.  The Standalone application received 36,696 downloads total (not quite 1.5% of all Enhanced Steam users) and accounted for approximately 60% of the support emails I received on a weekly basis.  Obviously, there is a disconnect here, and I came to the conclusion that continuing to work on the Standalone application simply wasn’t worth the time and effort involved in maintaining and supporting the application.  This is especially true since the program needs to be rebuilt with a new proxy server back end, and even more true when that energy could be directed towards adding new features to the Chrome version of Enhanced Steam.

In closing, I hope that in the future Valve decides to open up the Steam client for more plugin-like functionality, even if it’s heavily moderated.  Before starting the Standalone project I conversed with my colleagues at Valve but was told that they had no plans to implement anything like this in the future.  Obviously, people see value in having extensions like Enhanced Steam running in the Steam client’s browser, so perhaps some day it will be possible again without having to resort to system hacks, reverse proxies, or any degree of complexity.  I also want to say thank you to the fans of Enhanced Steam and of the Standalone application for your continued support and understanding.

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